About Us

Husky was founded in 1985 by Mike and Mary Dias and have since perfected the art of designing and producing handmade, high quality custom rugs and carpets in South Africa.

Their custom rugs and carpets are created from the highest quality wool or cotton and crafted with extreme attention to detail. Their production team works with in-house fibre dyeing facilities and a specialist design service to create bespoke designer rugs and carpets of any shape, colour and size in order to match their client’s exact requirements.

They also undertake the custom manufacture of broadloom (wall-to-wall) carpeting in pure wool velour which are available in any colour choice and sized ready to be fitted.

To complement their offering, Husky also produces a range of luxurious cut-pile pure cotton bathroom rugs which are unique in the South African market and highly sort after within the local market.

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